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The All Nippon Kashi Association (ANKA) was established in November 1985 to mobilize the collective power of the confectionery and snack industry against its key issues. Its members are major Japanese confectionery and snack manufacturers and industry-specific groups and it is the only unified organization in the industry. ANKA currently addresses a wide range of universal challenges, such as cutting food loss, problems with plastics and other SDG issues, optimization of food labeling, improvement of food hygiene, and publicity for Japanese confections and snacks. We have now published a multilingual website with the hope of sharing the appeal of Japan’s confectionery and snacks with as many people as possible from all around the world. Please have a look and learn what makes Japanese confections and snacks so outstanding. *Kashi is the Japanese word for a whole range of confectionery and snacks including candies, chocolates, cookies, gum, snacks, rice crackers (sembei), traditional Japanese confections (wagashi), Western-style confections, and more.

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Introducing a video about Japanese sweets!
Japan is a sweets wonderland!

Introducing the charm of my favorite Japanese sweets to everyone in the world!There are many Japanese sweets sold overseas as well so hopefully you can find them in your area, and you can discover the charm of Japanese sweets!

Treasure you can find anywhere in Japan! Three Japan-lovers introduce the incredible world of Japanese snacks

Japanese snacks have become a hit around the world. Discover the vast variety of unique flavors and styles that embody Japan's culinary culture. Each confectionery's meticulous attention to ingredients, texture, visual appeal, and packaging represents a slice of Japanese heritage.
In this feature, three connoisseurs introduce the allure and deliciousness of Japan's beloved treats, highlighting why they're the perfect souvenirs available countrywide.


High quality Japanese confections and snacks

As an industry, Japanese confections and snacks are high quality. In addition to the flavors, each type of wagashi has certain colors and shapes that have been passed down over the years. You can see the traditional techniques and subtle aesthetics they embody. The special care Japanese producers give to quality in confections and snacks is not limited to wagashi.

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There are so many types and flavors, and you can buy them anywhere!

Japan is a confectionery and snack paradise—you can easily find a wide variety at any time. They are found at not only specialty confectionery and snack shops, but also at convenience stores, drugstores, supermarkets, and discount stores. They are available everywhere. Choosing from all the different types is loads of fun, and a trip to buy some can be its own adventure.

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Japanese confectionery and snacks made in an environment with strict safety controls

Getting together with friends for a sweets session is always fun. To protect that fun and happy feeling, confections and snacks must be made safely and reliably. These are some of the techniques and measures that Japanese confectionery and snack manufacturers use to make sure your treats are safe and secure.

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Japanese people care about their confections and snacks. An example of this is the Charter of Confections and Snacks that we created to ensure manufacturers never forget the roles their products play. There are even shrines dedicated to confectionery and snack deities in Japan where these treats are revered. We hope you will give confections and snacks made by Japanese manufacturers a try.

Charter of Confections and Snacks

  1. Confections and snacks spread happiness, inspire dreams, and create a rich food culture.
  2. Confections and snacks bring deliciousness, comfort, and togetherness to our lives.
  3. Confections and snacks give us mental and physical strength.